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शोला-ए नमरूद है रौशन ज़माने में तो क्या - شعلہ نمرود ہے روشن زمانہ میں تو کیا
Shola-e Namrood hai raushan zamaane mein to kya

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قلب سلیم عشق خدا کا سرچشمہ ہوتا ہے
Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood, President,
Zakat Foundation of India

» Shaheen (Falcon)
» Iqbal’s concepts - Speech by Prof Khalid Alvi @ Iqbal Academy India Oct 2014


» Prof Syed Ghazanfar Ali 03 Aug 2019
» Prof Abdul Haq, Posted on 21 Dec 2018
» George Bernard Shaw, Nobel Prize winner in Literature in 1925
» Qalb-e Saleem
» Man’s Two Options
» Power of Creation
» Zarbe Kaleem
» Super Genius Kid Tanmay Bakshi (studying in 8th, 13 year old) explaining IBM Watson and Artificial / Augmented intelligence machine learning. Watch this video.. his confidence, presence of mind and presentation is just amazing terrific.
» Iqbal Sadi Ka aham Shayar, Urdu Academy, Delhi, 29 Jan 17
» Importance of married life in Islam - Presentation made in New York
» Iqbal Academy India's program at Vice President's residence
   on 19 Dec 2016
» Iqbal Academy India Program on 18 Dec 2016


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