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      » Super Genius Kid Tanmay Bakshi (studying in 8th, 13 year old) explaining IBM Watson and Artificial / Augmented intelligence machine learning. Watch this video.. his confidence, presence of mind and presentation is just amazing terrific.
      » Iqbal Sadi Ka aham Shayar, Urdu Academy, Delhi, 29 Jan 17
      » Importance of married life in Islam - Presentation made in New York
      » Iqbal Academy India's program at Vice President's residence
         on 19 Dec 2016
      » Iqbal Academy India Program on 18 Dec 2016
Release of the book 'Matn Shinasi' by Hon'ble Vice President of India
      » Apni duniya aap paida kar agar zindon me hai
Dr Allama Iqbal ke Kalam
Iqbal Seminar on Jazb-e Baahami - 01.05.2016
A tribute to Dr. Allama Iqbal
"Ittehaad-e Millat اتحاد ملت
"Masti-e kirdaar مستی کردار "
Iqbal Academy India "Iqbal Day Celebration - 09 Nov 2014"
Appeasing the Relatives: Article of Faith
IICC Commemoration - Oct 11, 2014
Academy Chairman meets Lt. Governor of Delhi
Can apply for Projects related to Allama Iqbal, HT 21 Sep 2014
Iqbal Academy India program at New Horizon School, New Delhi
Pune Presentation

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